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Viva Voce was established in March 2021 by a group of young legal professionals in order to provide an outlet for creative thinking and critical writing and to create a platform to publish our thoughts online and contribute to the public debate surrounding the topics we publish on. As such, we aim to provide insightful, well-researched and accessible legal, political and social commentary. The general focus of Viva Voce is areas such as constitutional law, human rights law, environmental law, jurisprudence and legal philosophy, land reform, administrative law and issues of social equity and/or social justice.

Our content adheres to our three pillars of relevance, critical thinking and accessibility. We produce fresh, engaging, thought-provoking, well-informed, readable and relatable articles weekly on Wednesday mornings.


Mpho Mogadime

Sohêla Surajpal

Koketso Rapoo

Nic Herd

Nicola Irving

Thomas Karberg


All content published by Viva Voce reflects only the personal and individual views and/or opinions of the author. Articles published on our website do not represent the views of Viva Voce as a collective, nor do they represent the views of the employers of any of our authors or any organisation or body that any author may be affiliated with. Nothing posted on our website may be construed as legal advice. Should you have any queries or comments relating to a particular article, please feel free to contact the author of that article on the email address provided on their About page. For general queries, please contact Thomas at thomaskarberg739@gmail.com.